Tuesday, May 18, 2010


[Ex] [cycle] [o] [pedia]

The congruence of all things unknown containing nothingness until a new idea, concept, or combination is formed. Quite useful for access to the collective consciousness, as well as for those who are thinkers but don't like to memorize things.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


[Absurd] [if] [eyed]

When the object of discussion is so absurdly awesome that it deserves it's own system of classification - to the extent of which it is beyond doubt that nothing has ever come to close to this brand of uber.

(Note: Sometimes used as a pejorative when something is absurdly not awesome)

Monday, April 7, 2008


[always] [right] [ous]

The state of blind self-concept propulsion that immediately puts your opinions and ideas above all others'. Makes for great conversation. I mean arguments. I mean losing friends.

See also: "Your ego is showing."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


[boog] [air-y] [us]

When you have a booger hanging off of some precipice, usually hanging over some such thing that you do not wish to have a booger on. Most commonly used in conjunction with a young child.

i.e. my 1 year old Evo: "Oh no, Evo don't move! Give me my cell phone, that thing looks boogerious."


[super] [ultra] [go]

1. Hearkening to the japanimé exclamations of japanenglish

2. Really awesome dynamic

3. Ready to be taken into every channel of discourse for all things to better the world

Thursday, February 28, 2008


[retard] - [u-lous]

Not to be un-PC, this word describes a ridiculous and savant-laden aptitude for the arts. Whether it be an awesome design flurry, a wicked website UI (w00t), or the Audi RS8 - retardulous is an exclamation of incomprehensible creation only possible to be produced by a person with an unbalanced brain. Heavy on the right, basically. Retarded as a good thing is funny. Remember that. Forever. ))<>((


[breast] - [en-tation]

This one goes out to all the ladies, of all sizes, all colors, all creeds. When you showcase the chest in a wonderful manner, you have succeeded with excellent breastentation. This honor is not reserved for the large-breasted, oh no. From the low-cut v-necks to the undercutting holter-style tops... a good breastentation takes only the right amount of class, sex-appeal, and tantalizing skin arrangement. A think of beauty. I applaud all who take the art seriously.