Thursday, February 28, 2008


[retard] - [u-lous]

Not to be un-PC, this word describes a ridiculous and savant-laden aptitude for the arts. Whether it be an awesome design flurry, a wicked website UI (w00t), or the Audi RS8 - retardulous is an exclamation of incomprehensible creation only possible to be produced by a person with an unbalanced brain. Heavy on the right, basically. Retarded as a good thing is funny. Remember that. Forever. ))<>((


[breast] - [en-tation]

This one goes out to all the ladies, of all sizes, all colors, all creeds. When you showcase the chest in a wonderful manner, you have succeeded with excellent breastentation. This honor is not reserved for the large-breasted, oh no. From the low-cut v-necks to the undercutting holter-style tops... a good breastentation takes only the right amount of class, sex-appeal, and tantalizing skin arrangement. A think of beauty. I applaud all who take the art seriously.